Kauseya - The Banaras Story

Sayuri by Komal Joshi, in collaboration with Manisha Kejriwal, is proud to present Kauseya - A Banaras Story’-
Old-world at heart but modern by soul, modern sensuous by look but essentially Indian by appeal - That's Banaras Muga silk for you. And it’s yours for the taking at Sayuri’s special Indo-Western collection-‘Kauseya - A Banaras Story’ all this month.

Painstakingly woven utilizing the conventional weaving procedure, the pure silk yarn’s twist and weft technique draws its beauty from the interwoven zari or delicate handloom brocade work. Resplendent with a rich, sensuous fall, Banaras Muga silk's special quality is its exquisite gleaming surface whose shine intensifies with every consecutive wash.
What’s more, with Sayuri’s Indo-Western collection- ‘Kauseya - A Banaras Story’, you’ll lay hands-on edgy, dynamically styled ‘’Indian Handloom meets Western appeal’’ themed pieces in Muga silk.

On display with Ombré showcase, ‘Kauseya - A Banaras Story’ will display an exclusive Indo-Western wardrobe in a private exhibition for special customers. Sayuri by Komal Joshi’s collection with Manisha Kejriwal promises to leave the modern Indian Woman sartorially happy!

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