Sayuri presents 'Mahira- The embroidery of India' collection. Call it the culmination of beauty and elegance or think of it as the coming together of practicality and très chic Indian embroidery, the ‘Mahira- Embroidery of India’ collection by Sayuri Design Studio is sure to leave you utterly spellbound.

Bringing forth the delicate beauty of traditional Indian hand embroidery from across India, the collection showcases intricately woven embroidered and sequin butti work on cotton fabrics. Aside from this, objet d'art handwork in Chanderi and double cotton textiles will be exhibited synchronously.

From ornate Indian handmade functional wear to always-on-the-go stylish couture, the collection sports elaborate handmade pieces that seamlessly weave together the best of both worlds!

Available in soft, muted pastel color palettes, cool shades and serene whites ,the Mahira collection by Sayuri Design Studio is bound to mesmerize.

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