Vice Versa

We have a New Collection!!!

Exquisitely woven, beautiful in every weave and painstakingly hand crafted, Sayuri Studio's new collection of Hand loom Cotton and Checkered fabrics are here to lend the alternate look you've been waiting for.

Komal Joshi's collection presents the finest hand loom cotton weaves and checkered fabrics that are not run-of-the-mill mall fashion, but painstakingly hand-woven using India's ancient Indian hand loom weave method.

Rest assured the everyday wear reversible dresses and tunics are going to give your wardrobe the rustic look with a modern twist, that's heavy on the oomph but ever-so elegant in its feel. Featuring hand loom cotton weaves, ikat and Checkered fabrics in reversible dresses and tunics, Komal Joshi's brainchild Sayuri Studio has beautifully combined ancient techniques with modern vibrant colours offset with contrast details and classy complements.

Totally and utterly Made in India, revamped and re-birthed by Sayuri Studio, the all-new everyday wear collection is one you'll love, at prices you won't believe.

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